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Laboratory Chemicals

Laboratory Chemicals are available in precise composition for ensuring to provide exact results with high level of safety. They are provided in bulk in high-quality packaging materials.

Visible Spectrophotometer
The maximum scan rate of this Visible Spectrophotometer is 24,000 nm per minute. It is controlled by the advanced software with its modular design.
FTIR Spectrophotometer
FTIR Spectrophotometer is ideal to be used if the spectral region is in the infrared or high spectral resolution is necessary. This is designed in durable structure to provide the best and accurate results.
HID Xenon Lamps
Fused silica glass made HID Xenon Lamps have wide application in pharmaceutical, semiconductor and research and analysis arena. These lamps are reckoned for their high luminous efficacy and stable performance.
Autosampler Vials, Caps And Closures
Autosampler Vials, Caps And Closures are used for secure storage of liquid injection. Made of non toxic grade raw materials, these cost effective pharmaceutical containers and accessories are offered in sterilized form.
Hand Held Refractometers
Hand Held Refractometers are reckoned for their precise measurement method. Featured with automatic calibration mechanism, these instruments are preferred for their ease of gripping, ergonomic design, utilization of natural light and consistent operation.
Conductivity Meter
Conductivity Meter is used to measure conductivity level, TDS rate, temperature and salinity of water. Automatic operation, easy to read display screen and application of RS-232 communication software are its key features.
Dissolved Oxygen Meter
Dissolved Oxygen Meter is used to assess amount of oxygen present in waste water and aquarium. This system uses USB interface to transfer measured data to computer. Accurate operation and ergonomic design are its key features.
Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner
Digital ultrasonic cleaner is required to remove dust, dirt, fingertips and more from the lab tools and instruments. This is a high efficiency cleaner that can quickly clean instruments and tools in an effective way.
Laboratory Blenders
Laboratory Blenders are occasionally preferred over a typical large-scale production-size device because the pharmaceutical, food, and chemical industries frequently require to mix a tiny quantity of product for some specific manufacturing process. They are very effective and safe to use. 
Laboratory Microscopes
Laboratory Microscopes are used to magnify blood samples so that doctors can see the malaria parasites attacking the red blood cells. They aid in the creation of the extremely small electrical circuits found in Silicon microchips. They require very low maintenance and replacement costs. 
Hollow Cathode Lamp
Hollow Cathode Lamp improves lamp performance while also cutting down on warm-up time. This is made feasible by stringent calibration and maintenance procedures for laboratory instruments and volumetric glassware. This lamp is tested under various parameters to ensure its high quality. 
Digital Anemometer
Digital Anemometer can measure atmospheric effects such as wind speed, temperature, and humidity. This uses changes in a fluid's physical properties or its impact on a mechanical device put into the flow to determine the air velocity. This is safe to use. 
HPLC Columns
HPLC Columns can interact with non-polar molecules in the liquid phase due to their high polarity. Worldwide, clinical diagnostics laboratories, industries, environmental, and forensic testing laboratories employ our HPLC and semi/prep columns. A computer will examine the components once they have been separated using column chromatography.
Digital Stroboscope
Digital Stroboscope allows for non-contact examination and observation of moving parts. The top and bottom handles that are supplied help with transportation and usage versatility. This is tested under various parameters to ensure its high quality and effectiveness. 

Brookfield Viscosity Standards
Brookfield Viscosity Standards are developed for the precise calibration of viscometers and rheometers. Compared to oil viscosity norms, silicone fluids offer good temperature stability and are less temperature sensitive. They are safe to use. 
Syringe Filter Holders
Chemicals have no effect on the Syringe Filter Holders, and they don't contain any trace components that might leach into the liquid being filtered. The filter holder is helpful for ultra-cleaning HPLC samples, solvents, tissue culture media, and other items.

Vacuum Pump
Numerous scientific and industrial uses exist for Vacuum Pump. In addition, attractive vacuum coatings on metal, glass, and plastics, energy-saving and durable glass, ophthalmic coatings, and hard coatings require a pump. This is very effective to use. 

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