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Product Code : 623
Product Description


Strip is a conventional spore strip biological indicator for monitoring steam, low-temperature steam formaldehyde, ethylene oxide, and radiation industrial sterilization processes. Strip contains bacterial spores on a paper carrier sealed within a convenient, peel-open glassine envelope. To use a Strip, place the glassine envelope in a product or product package, then place the “inoculated package” in a sterilizer and process normally. Upon removal from the sterilizer, send the inoculated package to the microbiology laboratory where the Strip* is to be aseptically transferred to soybean casein digest culture medium and incubated at the appropriate temperature for 7 days.


 Process Spore Incubation
 Steam G. stearothermophilus 7 days at 55-60°C
 Gas B. atrophaeus 7 days at 30-35°C
 Radiation B. pumilus 7 days at 30-35°C
 LTS Formaldehyde G. stearothermophilus 7 days at 55-60°C
 Dual Species B. atrophaeus/G. stearothermophilus 
 Gas  7 days at 30-35°C
 Steam  7 days at 55-60°C


 *The filter paper carrier must be aseptically removed from the glassine envelope in a Class 100 hood or biosafety cabinet. Strict aseptic practices and techniques must be adhered to when making the transfer to culture the biological indicator or false positive results may occur.





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