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Dissolved Oxygen Meter

Dissolved Oxygen Meter is used for determining oxygen content of aquarium water and waste water by using polarographic electrode. This apparatus consists of mechanical barometric pressure and salinity compensation arrangement. It can automatically compensate temperature to maintain its accuracy of measurement when temperature fluctuates. Its expandable memory can store sufficient measurement data. USB communication interface of this Dissolved Oxygen Meter promotes easy transfer of data to computer.  Large display screen of this system shows temperature level, measured amount of dissolved oxygen and output current simultaneously.
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3200D Dissolved Oxygen Meter

Price: 12000 INR/Piece

Product Details :-

Temperature compensation : Automatic: 0.0-45.0 C
Standard temperature: (201) C
Salinity calibration : (0.0-50.0) g/L
Barometric pressure calibration: (60.0-110.0) kPa
Power Universal AC power adapter: (100 V-240 V, 50/60 Hz)**
Dimension (LDH) [mm]: 190190105
Weight (kg): 1

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NAC516 Dissolved Oxygen Meter

Price: 11000 INR/Piece

Product Details :-

Automatic Temperature Compensation: 0 to 45
Automatic Salinity Compensation: 0 to 45ppt
Automatic Air Pressure Compensation: 80 to 105 Pa
Storage Data 600 groups; Communication Connector RS-232
Power: DC9V/300mA
Size & Weight: 160x190, 70mm/880g

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Dissolved Oxygen Meter

Price: 10500 INR/Piece

Product Details :-

Dissolved Oxygen Range: 0.00 to 20.00mg/L
Resolution: 0.01 mg/L
Dissolved Oxygen Accuracy: + 0.3mg/L
Saturation of Oxygen: 0 to 200.0%
Accuracy: + 5.00%
Temperature Range: 0.0 to 50.0C
Temperature Accuracy: + 0.3C
Temperature Compensation: 0 to 40C, Automatic
Salinity Correction: 0 to 35g/L


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