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National Analytical Corporation

We provide you with a broad array of high-quality Xenon Arc Lamps, Scientific Laboratory Instruments, and more.

About Us

Our product portfolio comprises xenon arc lamp, spectrophotometer, refractometers, laboratory equipments and chemicals etc. All these are developed for desired results, efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Our xenon lamps are outstanding sources of broadband light and continuous wave. They are known for high luminance and versatility. They are ideal for photometric equipments, projectors, and specific uses in research & industry. Also, we continue with the concepts of user-friendliness, easy availability and high business ethics. We bring solution for both general and special application. Our organization will help you in achieving great productivity, best quality and required effectiveness. And we have a mission to serve a wide range of industries with our broad line of high-quality products. 

Company Brief

Our lab and measuring instruments show high precision, core measuring principles and proven designs. With good understanding of quality and processes, we help you in the best possible way. Our products such as Laboratory Refractometers exactly meet customers' requirements. We are a company that works to provide clients with the best solutions. Using advanced production technologies, we develop high-precision lab instruments for your specific applications. 

NATIONAL ANALYTICAL CORPORATION's commitment to quality is reflected in its extensive product range that encompasses Laboratory Refractometer, Scientific Laboratory Instruments, All Type Of Thermometers, Platinum Labware, and allied products. Engineered to precision using finest quality components and parts, these products find wide end-use and application in Research & Development Laboratory (R & D Lab), Quality Control Laboratory, General Laboratory, Pharmaceuticals, Paint Industries, Food & Beverages Industries, Chemical Industries, Organic / Inorganic Industries, Environmental Industries, Cement Industries, Automobile Industries, Water Industries, Oil & Gas Industries, Agriculture Research Centers, and more.

Brands We Deal In

Application Areas

multiple industries for reduced downtime and increased functional efficiency & laboratory throughput. With a sound experience in the scientific supply industry, we today provide a vast collection of products for a variety of industries. The offered range enjoys high demand in the following commercial and industrial sectors: 

  • Research & Development Laboratory (R & D Lab)
  • Quality Control Laboratory
  • General Laboratory
  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Paint Industries
  • Adisible Industries
  • Food & Beverages Industries
  • Chemical Industries
  • Organic / Inorganic Industries
  • Research & Development Institutes
  • Testing Laboratory
  • Environmental Industries
  • Bio-Medical Laboratory
  • Micro-Biological Laboratory
  • Chemical Analysis Laboratory
  • Cement Industries
  • Automobile Industries
  • Water Industries
  • Oil & Gas Industries
  • Edible Oil Industries
  • Dairy Milk Industries
  • Cadbury Industries
  • Electronic Industries
  • Agriculture Research Centre

    Quality Guarantee

    National Analytical Corporation manages an in-house quality control laboratory where it safeguards all aspects related to quality with detailed attention. Our Products are thoroughly analyzed by seasoned quality inspectors prior to the dispatch. Also, quality processes are periodically updated as per changing technology trends and industry norms. The company additionally maintains a well integrated delivery system to ensure prompt delivery of products without any compromise on quality. Our offered refractometers have been developed for various major processes. They have shown great measurement accuracy and helped in production and laboratory environments. They find use in chemical, food, beverage, paper, sugar and other industries. 

    Dynamic Team

    We employ professionals specializing in different fields of interest. Having in-depth knowledge about the products and their intrinsic properties, they aids us in offering quality products to customers. Empowered by their service, we also render full technical support to customers along with prompt & efficient post sale services.

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